Defying Gravity

At the core of the SP200 is a proprietary, patent pending, multi-mode locking mechanism housed in gleaming stainless steel. This innovative locking mechanism enables the user to approach the SP200 with their smartphone, or a double-bitted key.

We’ve spent years developing this electromechanical system and the advanced circuit that controls it. Along the way we created breakthrough technologies such as G-Lock. G-Lock ensures the lock holds state no matter the shock. In fact the GLock mechanism was designed to withstand a shock more than 100 times the force of gravity.

Robust, Precise, Secure

Artful, precise, impenetrable and rated at 1,000+ pounds. The essential locking components of the SP200 are substantial and expertly machined. A pistol box can’t be considered secure if it relies on a small 0.125” U-bolt as the imported products do (this lightweight hardware is easily overwhelmed by a determined individual). The SP200 CNC machined hook is a stout 0.40” thick and
mates to 0.50” diameter CNC
machined nickel-plated
steel bolt. All to ensure
you rest easy.

Obsessed with the details

No ordinary hinge would do, so we designed a rugged, inboard mounted hinge that provides both lift assist and friction hold. You can open and close your SP200 with a single finger. To enhance longevity and appearance the hinge pin is precision ground while the torsion spring and friction elements are nickel plated. And unlike many of the competitor products, the SP200 hinge is mounted inside the cabinet – ensuring the bad guys don’t have ready access to the hinge.

Advanced Hardware Features
Proprietary multi-mode locking mechanism While all other products use a simple, lightweight, often imported slam latch, the SP200 sports an incredibly advanced multi-mode locking mechanism designed by Steel Patriot specifically for the SP200. This state of the art mechanism enables features such as Proximity Mode and Rapid Access Mode and is rated at well over 100,000 cycles!
G-Lock Designed to withstand more than 100Gs while maintaining lock state.
Proprietary hinge Integrated lift assist and friction hold: An artful, proprietary design enabling one finger open and close of your SP200.
Reinforced cable lock inlet Compatible with a Kensington braided cable lock rated at 3,000 pounds.
Brushed stainless steel covers The interior of your SP200 is a technology showplace comprised of meticulously finished materials.
Premium open cell foam liner The highest quality, best looking open cell foam available.
16 gauge laser welded corner design We use welding strategically throughout the cabinet lid and base to improve rigidity and resilience.
Interlocking seam design The interlocking seam prevents a bad actor from getting additional purchase when attempting to pry his way into your SP200.
0.40” CNC machined steel hook Both beautiful and exceptionally tough. This thick, machined hook is rated at well over 1,000 pounds. The hook mounts securely in a CNC machined U-channel. The robust requirement of these components cannot be overstated.
0.50” CNC machined steel bolt catch Examine every other pistol box and you’ll find a wispy 0.125” catch that inspires little confidence. The SP200 in contrast features a precisely machined, nickel-plated 0.50” bolt designed for absolute security.
Rear seam reinforcement element The lid and base of your SP200 connect at three points including the hook and catch combination up front, and the left and right hinge in the rear. While the hinges alone can withstand significant pry forces, we added a beefy seam reinforcement element to keep the bad guys out.
Precision craftsmanship The SP200 sheet metal fabrication is absolutely precise. We’re holding 0.005” on most dimensions and a mere half-degree on all bends. The tight 0.030” bend radius not only looks daunting but vastly improves rigidity. We pride ourselves on our superb craftsmanship.
Hardened cam lock Hardened cam will resist pull out and drilling. The double-bitted key is very difficult to replicate.
Brushed stainless interior The SP200 features brushed stainless covers for both the locking mechanism and battery carrier.
Dimensions 13” wide x 8.7” deep x 2.7” tall. Adequate room for a full size 1911 pistol, an extra magazine and a box of shells.

Intuitive technology

The inescapable truth is that many of us have our smartphones with us nearly all of the time. And while much of this technology might be considered overly complex or even useless by some, we’ve leveraged the smartphone in a uniquely practical way.

Consider TamperSense for example. If someone were to attempt to break into your SP200 a Tamper Alert would be sent to the application. If you’re within range you’ll receive the Tamper Alert immediately. If not, you’ll receive the Tamper Alert the next time you connect to your Steel Patriot. At that point you’ll know when someone attempted to break into your SP200 and can take the appropriate action.

We’ve developed a whole host a advanced features including Rapid Access Mode and Proximity Mode that are simple to use, fully leverage state of the art technologies, and yet do so in a way that compliments, rather than complicates, your life.TamperSenseTM

TamperSenseTM / Tamper Alerts(adjustable sensitivity / user selectable): If someone tampers with your SP200 you’ll be notified.

Proximity Mode (user selectable): Your SP200 will unlock as you approach it and lock as you walk away.

Rapid Access Mode (user programmable / user selectable): Unimpeded access to your SP200 during high threat periods.

Advanced Encryption Security/ Secure Pairing: Only you, and those you trust with the unique identity of your SP200, will be able to connect to it.

iOS and Android: Full featured apps for both Apple smartphones and those smartphones running the Android operating system.

Long Range Smart Bluetooth Module: Extra range yields a better user experience.

Lock Log: Check all recent unlock / lock activity as well as Tamper Alerts with a quick glance at the Lock Log.

Over The Air Firmware Updates: Firmware upgrades are seamless and take just a few seconds.

ctivity as well as Tamper Alerts with a quick glance at the Lock Log.

Over The Air Firmware Updates: Firmware upgrades are seamless and take just a few seconds.

Make it yours

We designed the SP200 to be used multiple times each day. We expect the owner will place his or her SP200 on their nightstand, dresser or executive desk to ensure their carry weapon is always within reach.

While the standard SP200 will look sensational in any environment, many of you will want to take your SP200 a dramatic step further. That’s why we created Master Series. A Master Series SP200 is thoroughly prepped and expertly painted in one of six extraordinary colors.

Our custom paint approach is an intensive process that begins with thorough sanding and surface preparation of the steel cabinet. Depending on the intended color and finish, up to twelve layers of paint, tint and coating may be applied. We paint the interior with the same intensive process as the exterior.

The Master Series color palette was designed for the most adventuresome as well as the most discrete. Our preferred
finish is satin because it reflects light beautifully and resists fingerprinting.

Engineered, manufactured and assembled in the United States by the men and women who make our country exceptional.

Every so often a new American brand is created that perfectly captures the spirit of the country. Steel Patriot is that brand – tough, resolute, proud, independent, innovative, relentless, and meticulous. Steel Patriot products are engineered, manufactured and assembled in the United States by the men and women who make our country exceptional.

Steel Patriot products are high tech, but in a uniquely practical way. We blend leading technology with superb craftsmanship to create products that will endure for decades.

Unfortunately the retail landscape is littered with throwaway, imported products that aren’t worth the discounted price paid. We’re disrupting that trend and hope you’ll covet your Steel Patriot SP200 for the rest of your life. Knowing that you’ll keep it forever, do yourself a favor and order a Master SeriesSP200 in a color that best suits you!

When we were searching for a spokesperson that ideally embodied Steel Patriot we were immediately drawn to the men and women of our armed services. These courageous Americans wear the uniform and potentially make the ultimate sacrifice so that we can pursue our dreams in relative safety.

Kris ‘Tanto’ Paronto is an Army Ranger, CIA contractor and tactical firearms expert. Kris was one of a handful of men who fought through the night to protect the CIA Annex in Benghazi Libya on September 11, 2012. He is an authentic American hero and utterly embodies what we had in mind when we developed the Steel Patriot brand.

Engineered, manufactured and assembled in the United States
by the men and women who make our country exceptional.

Master Series SP200


10-year warranty

Thorough surface preparation followed by our extensive paint process yields a superb satin finish that will last a lifetime.

Solar OrangeSolar OrangeAnodized BlueAnodized BlueTitaniumTitaniumCarbon BlackCarbon BlackVolcano YellowVolcano YellowPearl WhitePearl White

All Master Series products are satin finished


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5-year warranty

Anthracite MetallicAnthracite MetallicFlat Dark EarthFlat Dark Earth

All standard products are finished with a light texture

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