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Advocacy & Public Affairs

Communicate Trust. Build Consensus. Win. We offer an integrated solution informed by our deep understanding of how and why public opinion moves in a given direction, and why elected leaders and regulators either take action or devolve into gridlock. Today, advocacy that wins is advocacy that reaches decision makers, community leaders, and the highly-networked and digitally-savvy constituencies to which they are beholden.

What We Do 

LEVICK is different. Our Campaign War Room approach unites our political media relations experts, government relations professionals, grassroots specialists, rapid response teams, business intelligence, and digital media strategists into one coordinated effort from the start. Our integrated approach helps clients shape the debates that take place everywhere from the kitchen table to millions of mobile devices, all the way to the votes cast in state legislatures, Congress, and Parliaments.


Public Affairs Communications

LEVICK's Public Affairs Communications team builds the narratives and public support that lawmakers cannot ignore. We develop compelling messages that inspire action.

We train spokespeople to ensure they are delivered with maximum impact. We influence top journalists and bloggers. We coordinate with like-minded groups and coalitions, identify third parties, and recruit allies to action. We track adversaries to mute their efforts and map out their next moves.

We are veterans of Capitol Hill, the White House, K Street, regulatory agencies, state governments, political media, and NGOs who know what it takes to move the policy needle. Whether your challenge is a local initiative, a domestic or international regulatory engagement, or a national agenda, LEVICK helps you tell your story in ways that become a movement - or stop one before it starts.

Constituency & Community Advocacy

Nothing happens in Washington, D.C., Brussels, or a state capitol without constituency support. Not a pipeline, a regulation, or a law. Real people articulating real concerns are indispensable. It's all about leveraging the First Amendment to the nth degree.

We identify with, engage with, and empower individuals and community groups to forge an immovable alliance around your point of view. LEVICK's Advocacy team has built constituency support on the ground and online. Our successes include clearing legislative hurdles for the auto industry; defeating a state tax on a telecom company and its customers; and educating stakeholders about the potential impact of the Affordable Care Act on behalf of the nation's largest health insurer.

Government Relations

LEVICK’s Government Relations specialists create lasting partnerships between clients and decision makers in Congress, statehouses, the White House, and across the regulatory landscape. Led by former Members of Congress and veteran lobbyists on the local, state, and national levels, we are a bipartisan team with the policy expertise and political acumen needed to successfully navigate you through the halls of power.

We know the touch points to engage, no matter how complex the issue. We know the key players and what motivates them. And we maintain an issue-oriented focus that enables you to build lasting relationships on both sides of the aisle.

The War Room — Comprehensive Campaign Services

Campaign Intelligence & Adversarial Assessments

Campaign Intelligence & Adversarial Assessments

Coalition Building

Coalition Building

Community Engagement

The mission is to engage business, public officials, and community leaders in strategic collaborations. The rewards are stronger workforces; trusting relationships that ensure support in the event of a future crisis; and political ties to help advance public policy goals.


Field Operations

  Field Operations



Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether the company is on the buying or selling side, it must control the public narrative and convince the marketplace that value is being maximized and that a new corporate entity will generate ever-greater benefits for all stakeholders. LEVICK has succeeded in multi-billion dollar deals with communications strategies that account for every variable, anticipate opposition, and master the media and digital airwaves where perceptions form and harden. 


Public Opinion Management

Public Opinion Management

Regulatory Inquiries

The sanctioning power of a regulatory agency has the potential to imperil corporate reputations at all stages of a regulatory event—even if a publicly disclosed inquiry does not lead to a negative outcome, such as a fine or a public rebuke. Companies must act by initiating protective actions before any public disclosures of a probe are made.


Suite of Digital Services

We execute. We implement tactics as part of a unique and sound digital strategy for your business. Site development, SEO, media buys, video production, content creation…We help you do it all – and never fall back on a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Our integrated and comprehensive digital approach includes:

  • Brand Development
  • Content Strategy & Planning
  • Creative Asset Development
  • Dark Site Design & Development
  • Digital & Print Advertising & Campaign Management
  • Digital Content Creation
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Graphic Design and Infographics Development
  • Media Buying
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Online Advocacy Campaigns
  • Online Conversation Monitoring & Landscape Analysis
  • Online Engagement Measurement, Analytics, & Digital ROI
  • Online Grassroots Mobilization
  • Online Reputation Strategy and Monitoring
  • Product Launch & Promotion
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Policy Development
  • Social Media Strategy and Training
  • User Experience & Information Architecture
  • Video Production
  • Website Design & Development
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